UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena was home for the FIRST Robotics Milwaukee regional competition that drew 54 teams for the three-day event, including many in the Now Media Group coverage area.

In order to win at the FIRST Robotics 2017 Steamworks competition, teams of students and mentors since January designed and built robots to handle three specific tasks in every round of the game.

The game starts with a Red Alliance and Blue Alliance of three robots per side. The robots need to collect and deliver fuel cells (neon green wiffle balls) to a boiler that powers their Alliance's airship.

Robots also collect and deliver gears to their airship to connect the boiler's power to the airship's four propellers. In the last 30 seconds of a 2½ minute round, the robots must hoist themselves above their airship before time runs out.

For the first 15 seconds of a round, the robots operate autonomously, then team's drivers take over to operate robots by remote control.

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For video of team robots in action, click on the links below:

Lake Country

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