Group brings evening of art, music and culture to lakefront


Milwaukee – More than 300 Milwaukeeans joined Milwaukee Water Commons on Aug. 7 for "We Are Water," their third annual beachfront celebration of Milwaukee’s water.

“Taking part in such a hopeful and uplifting event with folks from every corner of our city is really a unique experience for most Milwaukeeans,” said Melanie Ariens, artist in residence.

For Brenda Coley, community outreach coordinator, the issue transcends social boundaries.

“Amazing things can happen when Milwaukeeans break through race and class barriers and come together around our shared water future,” Coley said.

The event is part of Milwaukee Water Commons' vision to make Milwaukee a true water city, they said. Composed of six initiatives designed by over 1,300 Milwaukeeans, this vision includes celebration of Milwaukee's waters in arts and culture.

The other five initiatives aim toward the following goals:

  • Milwaukee is a national leader in blue-green jobs.
  • Safe, clean and affordable tap water is available to every Milwaukeean.
  • We significantly advance green infrastructure practices across the city.
  • Our three rivers and Lake Michigan are swimmable and fishable.
  • Every Milwaukeean has meaningful water experiences.

“Our vision is a simple one,” said Ann Brummitt, executive director. “Milwaukee Water Commons believes Milwaukee has the needed ingenuity, creativity and expertise to become a model water city. We think everyone, in every part of our city, has a vital role to play in this effort, and we believe all of us should share in our water’s care and benefits. Celebrating our precious waters is an important part of building that vision, and We Are Water is an important step toward the types of conversations and actions that will make Milwaukee a true water city.”

In partnership with a coalition of leaders the organization has galvanized, Milwaukee Water Commons will continue to facilitate this important effort to transform Milwaukee's water future, officials added.

For more information contact Ann Brummitt at 414-763-6199 or

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